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Thursday, June 3, 2010

pizza! pizza! pizza!

I went out last night for my good friend Lindsey's birthday. Check out her blog she's an amazing interior designer and artist. We had a merry night of drinking and dancing which lead to eating pizza late at night and maybe some this morning... Whenever I'm sick, hungover or drunk, I want pizza. I find myself blurting out Jerri Blank's, "pizza! pizza! pizza!" ... Pizza Date

mp3. jerri blank

Now here's a great website I've mentioned before. People in Pizza Slice Costumes Becoming Pizzas . amazing!


And from my good friend, Student Drivers Pizza Kids - "We Like Pizza (Radio Version)"

It's kind of like Aqua's I'm a Barbie Girl , but better! "I like pizza with extra cheese and or-a-gano. I like pizza."

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