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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Hey! So I'm guest DJing at The Shortstop in Echo Park with DJ Scott Silva tomorrow night from 10-2! It's gonna be a fun dance party! See below for my 90s hip-hop/New Jazz Swing post with MP3 links of some music I'm gonna play tomorrow night!

1455 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

The Shortstop On Myspace

Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Hey kids, if you haven't already noticed...the 90s have made a comeback! In fashion, music, dance moves, even hair and makeup. I'm seeing flat-tops, the diagonal razor cut, Hammer pants, bad neon all-over prints (by bad I mean amazing). Have you seen the revival of Maui And Sons? This post is all over the place jumping from hip-hop to surf to 90210, but it's all about the days when I rocked oversized neon tee-shirts with LA Gear. (I really need to go through the old family albums again).

I just watched the first House Party last weekend which inspired the theme of this post. Listen to my synopsis of the synopsis on the sleeve:

Kid's best friend, Play is hosting the bash of the year, and Kid's gotta get his groove on. Naturally, he sneaks out and ends up n the thick of the hoo-hah -- and in the arms of his dream girl.

It's all about the new, New Jack Swing movement that's going on right now with trends reflecting the late 80s into the mid-90s; when hip-hop and R&B joined forces and became super-fly-funky-fresh-delicious. Think In Living Color and the Fly Girls, big and baggie and colorful with an African-urban twist. Fashion is also taking a Tori Spelling on 90210 turn with floral dresses, fly girl gear and dark matte lipstick. Chloe Sevgny's line for Opening Ceremony and Balenciaga's Sping 2008 collection both reference the early 90s. These lines are both eccentric in their own way, but this trend is happening!

I made a little collage of these trends and I did a little 90s hip-hop set on my Tuesday Show Fo Show this week. Here are some songs to get you pumped up to do the Roger Rabbit.

MP3 Teddy Riley - New Jack Swing

MP3 Kid N' Play - Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody

MP3 UMCs - One To Grow On

MP3 Bobby Brown - My Prerogative

MP3 Bell Biv Devoe - Poison

* Also, watch this NJS mashup video, you'll want to get up and try some of these moves. I know I did. Been trying to perfect my hop and slide. I'll get it.


Playlist - 5/27/08
-click to enlarge

-sorry I didn't get this up earlier. I passed out... first my shimoda show! woo!

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Monday, May 26, 2008


Happy Memorial Day to all! Sorry, this is a last minute announcement but if you have not heard, Anavan is playing at Pehrspace tonight in Echo Park.

Attractive & Popular
Voodoo Organist
with amazing DJ Nanny Cantaloupe from KXLU-FM!!!!

Starts 9:30pm / all-ages / $5

Pehrspace—325 Glendale Blvd., in Echo Park

They played on KXLU today and we love them!

See you there???

- Eel Air Camera

MP3 Anavan - Mingle

Anavan -
You're Taking Me Out

Anavan on Myspace

Friday, May 23, 2008

Went To See The French Kicks Last Night...

They were great! They played my favorite songs and my date KG was rad, buying me beers all night. Thanks KG! The Sound was a little off though. So was the crowd... Lots of OC teens and guys in their late 30s trying to rock skinny jeans with too much stuff in their pockets.

I grew quite smitten with the lead singer, Nick Stumpf (yeah, just googled his name right now). We stared at each other all night as he sang to me. The stage lights were reflecting off my glasses. He couldn't couldn't look away...

The French Kicks at The Echo last night (in flip-flops).

Khaki Short Wedgie

I Have The Best Fans!

Thanks for the song and dance boys, I love it!

Thanks for giving me a shout out at Donna's karaoke party! You guys are so sweet and thoughtful!

Awe, I love them guys! Please keep them coming!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer Jams To Bump In Your Caddie

What Up Essay?
Back in 1994 My cousins were in a tagging crews. One of the tagging crews was called Q.S.D. "Queens Seeking Destruction". They used to wear puffy Starter jackets, check their pagers every couple minutes, and spray their bangs up really high. When they would feud with other tagging crews it was a pretty intense insult to cross out the other tagging crews tag. But it was even more of an insult to circle another tagging crew member's name and write "toy" next to it, which means that they were a poser. Nayba'Hood Queen by JV was the chola theme song back then. I think it was the only song they listened to... Now it's the only song that I listen to.
-- from DJ Joey aka West Siiiiide Killaaaaa

Yo, this track is so fresh! Makes me want to get down with baggy low jeanz and boxers and hairspray my bangs up into a chola wave like I used to do in third grade. I followed my older sister's lead who looked a lot like the girl on the far right. She was challenged to fight the biggest, meanest chola girl named Elvira when we first got put into public school. She kicked her ass and started dating a popular black guy named Jerome. My sister was illlllllll... We were half chola, mixing tight acid washed jeans and LA Gear with big flannels, crusty bangs and dark lipstick. I wasn't allowed to wear lipstick then so I would carry a tupperware full of frozen blueberries around with me to stain my lips throughout the day. We were SO GANGSTA!

Just Bob Your Head For Paperboy And The Ditty
Yo remember Paperboy?? "Do the ditty if you want to. Because then I can decide if I want you..." He's not a cholo, but this track came out in '93 just two years before JV and it's soooooo dope! check it.

JV -
Nayba'Hood Queen
- Nayba'Hood Queen Video

MP3 Paperboy - Ditty

* South park: Cartman: Did you write the essays? Mexican: Si, I wrote my essay back in mexico. Mexican2: And I wrote 2 essays, one wrote back "Hey thanks for writing, essay"


Playlist - 5/20/08
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Swimming With The French Kicks!

When I googled NYC quartet, "The French Kicks" and "Swimming", the title of their new album; this amazing French swimmer girl named Margi popped up! Thought it was more fun then the guys just standing around... but this pic above is pretty cool too.

The new album is really good and guess what guys? They're playing at The Echo this Thursday, May 22! Get you tickets... they are great live and they're not very expensive. I'll be there. say hello!

Here are a couple of my favorite tracks off Swimming.

MP3 The French Kicks - Said So What

MP3 The French Kicks - Sex Tourists

and one of my favorites off their last album, Two Thousand.

The French Kicks - Cloche

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Flairs Make Love Better Than Prince

FLAIRS "Better Than Prince" by JONAS & FRANCOIS.

Uploaded by flairs

I had the pleasure of seeing this video on a movie screen at the Flux Screening at the Hammer Museum last Tuesday. The new quarterly screening series featured an amazing collection of innovative short films, music videos, features, filmmaker retrospectives and the most interesting visual work from around the globe. This one is fun. It reminds me of Right Said Fred's, "I'm Too Sexy".

MP3 The Flairs - Better Than Prince

MP3 Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy

Sebastien Tellier - Surf's Up!

"Divine" is one of my favorite new songs off of French Sebastien Tellier's new album, Sexuality. You must watch the video, it is equally amazing! The Frenchies aren't so happy about him singing in English, so he parodies his love for America with "doo-wops" and surfing USA!

MP3 Sebastien Tellier - Divine

What's Shimoda With You?

Hi friends. Welcome. Welcome to my blog. I am My Shimoda, The 4 I'D Bandit from The Badonka Smarts.

I'm an in-and-outlaw on the run,
gonna stick you up with a pack of gum.
I'll get you in your sleep while you're counting sheep.
I love my grandma and I don't eat meat. what.

I'm in a band called The Badonka Smarts.
We wear black dresses and big glasses and sing about learning.
and bootie-shaking.
we have a bootie-shaking sign language translator
so you can learn.

Stay tuned for adventures and fun and learning...

(I actually eat meat. it just rhymed...)