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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer Jams To Bump In Your Caddie

What Up Essay?
Back in 1994 My cousins were in a tagging crews. One of the tagging crews was called Q.S.D. "Queens Seeking Destruction". They used to wear puffy Starter jackets, check their pagers every couple minutes, and spray their bangs up really high. When they would feud with other tagging crews it was a pretty intense insult to cross out the other tagging crews tag. But it was even more of an insult to circle another tagging crew member's name and write "toy" next to it, which means that they were a poser. Nayba'Hood Queen by JV was the chola theme song back then. I think it was the only song they listened to... Now it's the only song that I listen to.
-- from DJ Joey aka West Siiiiide Killaaaaa

Yo, this track is so fresh! Makes me want to get down with baggy low jeanz and boxers and hairspray my bangs up into a chola wave like I used to do in third grade. I followed my older sister's lead who looked a lot like the girl on the far right. She was challenged to fight the biggest, meanest chola girl named Elvira when we first got put into public school. She kicked her ass and started dating a popular black guy named Jerome. My sister was illlllllll... We were half chola, mixing tight acid washed jeans and LA Gear with big flannels, crusty bangs and dark lipstick. I wasn't allowed to wear lipstick then so I would carry a tupperware full of frozen blueberries around with me to stain my lips throughout the day. We were SO GANGSTA!

Just Bob Your Head For Paperboy And The Ditty
Yo remember Paperboy?? "Do the ditty if you want to. Because then I can decide if I want you..." He's not a cholo, but this track came out in '93 just two years before JV and it's soooooo dope! check it.

JV -
Nayba'Hood Queen
- Nayba'Hood Queen Video

MP3 Paperboy - Ditty

* South park: Cartman: Did you write the essays? Mexican: Si, I wrote my essay back in mexico. Mexican2: And I wrote 2 essays, one wrote back "Hey thanks for writing, essay"


Food Marathon said...

Back in the Day by Ahmad
Cars that Go Boom by L'Trimm came out earlier but might be appropriate

My Shimoda said...

yes!! I remember way back when... I knew all of the lyrics to that song. I still got some of it. love it, brings me back to my freshman year of high school. sitting in an el camino with my first boyfriend, another couple and a warm bottle of bacardi. awe yeah, back in the day.