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Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Hey kids, if you haven't already noticed...the 90s have made a comeback! In fashion, music, dance moves, even hair and makeup. I'm seeing flat-tops, the diagonal razor cut, Hammer pants, bad neon all-over prints (by bad I mean amazing). Have you seen the revival of Maui And Sons? This post is all over the place jumping from hip-hop to surf to 90210, but it's all about the days when I rocked oversized neon tee-shirts with LA Gear. (I really need to go through the old family albums again).

I just watched the first House Party last weekend which inspired the theme of this post. Listen to my synopsis of the synopsis on the sleeve:

Kid's best friend, Play is hosting the bash of the year, and Kid's gotta get his groove on. Naturally, he sneaks out and ends up n the thick of the hoo-hah -- and in the arms of his dream girl.

It's all about the new, New Jack Swing movement that's going on right now with trends reflecting the late 80s into the mid-90s; when hip-hop and R&B joined forces and became super-fly-funky-fresh-delicious. Think In Living Color and the Fly Girls, big and baggie and colorful with an African-urban twist. Fashion is also taking a Tori Spelling on 90210 turn with floral dresses, fly girl gear and dark matte lipstick. Chloe Sevgny's line for Opening Ceremony and Balenciaga's Sping 2008 collection both reference the early 90s. These lines are both eccentric in their own way, but this trend is happening!

I made a little collage of these trends and I did a little 90s hip-hop set on my Tuesday Show Fo Show this week. Here are some songs to get you pumped up to do the Roger Rabbit.

MP3 Teddy Riley - New Jack Swing

MP3 Kid N' Play - Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody

MP3 UMCs - One To Grow On

MP3 Bobby Brown - My Prerogative

MP3 Bell Biv Devoe - Poison

* Also, watch this NJS mashup video, you'll want to get up and try some of these moves. I know I did. Been trying to perfect my hop and slide. I'll get it.

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Miranda said...

90's >
love the UMC's, im now a follower :)