Illustration by: Elizabeth Moch

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Swimming With The French Kicks!

When I googled NYC quartet, "The French Kicks" and "Swimming", the title of their new album; this amazing French swimmer girl named Margi popped up! Thought it was more fun then the guys just standing around... but this pic above is pretty cool too.

The new album is really good and guess what guys? They're playing at The Echo this Thursday, May 22! Get you tickets... they are great live and they're not very expensive. I'll be there. say hello!

Here are a couple of my favorite tracks off Swimming.

MP3 The French Kicks - Said So What

MP3 The French Kicks - Sex Tourists

and one of my favorites off their last album, Two Thousand.

The French Kicks - Cloche


Huy said...

Yep, they are tres cute. I saw them in Brooklyn back in the day. Unfortunately, I leave for NYC Friday morning so I can't make it to the Echo tomorrow. But before I depart, two questions: 1) what's the song you played before the Go! Team approximately 9:25am yesterday; 2) were you able to purchase Memorial Weekend plane tickets?

My Shimoda said...

sorry, going to post my playlists today! the song before The Go Team! was... Best Fwends - M.Y.S.E.L.F. (Xxxchange Remix).

can't make NYC this month... hopefully soon though. I'm so happy you tuned in! I'm on alone next week. x.

Huy said...

Oops. I meant AFTER.

My Shimoda said...

Pacific! - Sunset Blvd


Huy said...

Yes, that's it! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

So this is a blog... nice.