Illustration by: Elizabeth Moch

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's Shimoda With You?

Hi friends. Welcome. Welcome to my blog. I am My Shimoda, The 4 I'D Bandit from The Badonka Smarts.

I'm an in-and-outlaw on the run,
gonna stick you up with a pack of gum.
I'll get you in your sleep while you're counting sheep.
I love my grandma and I don't eat meat. what.

I'm in a band called The Badonka Smarts.
We wear black dresses and big glasses and sing about learning.
and bootie-shaking.
we have a bootie-shaking sign language translator
so you can learn.

Stay tuned for adventures and fun and learning...

(I actually eat meat. it just rhymed...)


Food Marathon said...

First comment?

Anonymous said...

I want to have your babies!

My Shimoda said...

hahaha thanks!

uncle_alex said...

haha. hi. i'm ready for adventures. and your disclaimer is awfully familiar :)