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Thursday, September 18, 2008

There Is No "FUN" In A Fundraiser OR IS There?

This week kind of sucks for everyone, but it's something we have to do and everyone at the station is making a huge effort to have fun with it. Please tune in tomorrow, Tuesday for the Joey-My-Shimoda-Show-Fo-Show Fundraiser show. Your pledges go towards paying our electric bills and new equipment like record needles and clean mics so we don't have to talk to you through a gem infested rotting foam. You've heard the station falling apart. We're a commercial free radio station that plays the music you want to know, with DJs that will AIM and talk to you on the phone. It's like calling up your friend at their house. We give away tons of tickets to big shows and fun events in the area too. It's so easy to win, we have one phone line, just gotta be fast and listen. Chances of winning tickets on our station is incredibly higher then other LA stations. :)

Anyhow check out this poster I made. If you pledge you recieve nice premiums from the station and I'm very excited that I have my own packages of fun things to auction off as well. You can get KXLU T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies (all with new graphics), Pajama Pants, Panties, tooth brushes, Bottle Openers, Beach Towels, Buttons, Stickers, CD Packages, Vinyl, A Date With Joey, and so much more!

Donations with premiums are not a tax write off and you do not have to pay right away. We can send you an invoice. I will be listing my premiums seperately as I have to drive to Hollywood now to pick up toys to play on the air tomorrow. We're going to be talking a lot for hours and hours so... I might wear a costume of some sorts as well. Keep it interesting. There will be alcohol too, later...

Tune in tomorrow and donate, win prizes and save our show!
operators will be standing by

MP3 - The O'Jays - For The Love Of Money
MP3 - Japanther - One Hundred Dollars
MP3 - The Flying Lizards - Money, That's What I Want
MP3 - James Pants - Ka$h

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