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Thursday, November 20, 2008

el Guincho!

I hope you caught el Guincho on KXLU just now on Part Time Punks with Michael Stock. I tried to record it and was planning on uploading it here but it recorded everything... so it's me talking to my friend with the interview turned down too low to really hear. I'm bummed I missed it so I hope you didn't. This dashing, young talent from Barcelona is performing tonight at The Echo. I love his light-hearted, Spanish melodies and instrumental dancey beats. He is a one-man-band but always sounds like he's having a party. If I wasn't sick, I would be there tonight.

el Guincho with Glasser and ORO11
at The Echo tonight - 8:30pm

Here are a couple of songs off of his new album, Alegranza.

And the video for Palmitos Park is cute:

MP3 - el Guincho Palmitos Park
MP3 - el Guincho Final de Archipielago

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