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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Berlin 61/89 Wall Of Sound


I've been looking for a song off of this album for about an hour now... I'm usually pretty resourceful when it comes to finding an uncommon track but this album releases 11/23/09 so I guess it's not out-out yet. All of my MP3 links are suspended right now anyway... so here is a player to preview the album. The song I wanted was, Berlin 36 by MDK. I wanted to play it tonight... boo. I suppose I'll buy it.

Berlin 61/89 Wall Of Sound is a concept album featuring a compilation of various artists, "referring both to a chapter in History and a musical assemblage which resounds like a continental echo to Phil Spector’ s American pop Wall of Sound." I think my music pals, UNCLE ALEX and DANIEL would really enjoy this album too. (Go to their blogs... their mp3 links work) :)

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