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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday Funday

My boyfriend and I went to the Long Beach Flea Market this weekend. It's in the Rose Bowl circuit and is on the 3rd Sunday of every month. I was like a little kid, all I wanted was toys. Here's what I got.

PhotobucketSleeping porcelain bunny, hanging glass egg, glass fish vase, glass bear vase and a giant 1970's giant barbie.

PhotobucketFish, Bear, Barbie. Stripe cashmere Pringle cardi and vintage baseball game.

Then we had lunch in Torrance at Sanuki No Sato and had yummy soba.

Photobucket mmmmmmmmm....

Mitsuwa, the Japanese supermarket is right across the street so we went and got some treats. We got Chocolate Pocky Sticks, Ichiban raman, green tea, milk tea, barley water, Yamamotoyama tea... and then we found the best vending machine. FUNKY FACE DISGUISES, with a facial hair surprise for just 2 quarters. I got dark mutton chops and a light brown mustache. It's the best $1.00 you can spend!

"Look Cool!", "Fool Your Friends!"

Fun Facial Hair Surprise

Vending machine and then parking lot photo shoot with a fur stole I got at the flea market.

Photobuckethaha, I really got into it when we got home.

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junna said...

your pics are hilarious! & I like the porcelain bunny.