Illustration by: Elizabeth Moch

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fat Cat Pho


I got flaked on tonight... twice. So I heated up some left over pho from Blossom from last night in my favorite fat cat bowl and curled up to the Olympics. Also, my friend that flaked tonight left some tasty yogurt from Yogurt Stop in my freezer from this super gay place in West Hollywood. I've been, it's hilarious, the slogan is "Pump It Yourself" and all of the flavors have names with a quirky sexual connotation. I think she said she got Lesbionic Tonic and Pomacranny-Coozeberry something. I don't know, but I ate it all like a fat cat. Thank you.

p.s. my links are not working right now but they'll be back soon. ( =•.•= )

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