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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Pacific! is a band from Gothenburg, Sweden. I've been playing them on my show and if I could play their entire new album, Reveries, on the air, I would. I loved this band the moment I heard them last year on this guy's myspace that I had a crush on. I think my interest in them accidentally faded along with my short-lived romance... but one year later... and they have two great new albums and are getting bigger. I'm so happy they're back in my life!

Pacific! is electro with a sweet indie pop feel mixed with 80's synths and smooth surf rhythms. They have an entire remix album with fun beats to shoulder dance in the car to.

Watch the Hot Lips video by Stephene Manel, nominated for the best music video at the Swedish MTV Grammis Awards

myspace: Pacific!
myspace: Pacific! remixes

band website:
(go to their website, the artwork is really great.)

MP3 Pacific! - Sunset Blvd.
MP3 Pacific! - Hot Lips

MP3 Pacific! - Runway To Elsewhere (Breakbot Remix)
MP3 Pacific! - Hold Me (Breakbot Remix)