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Monday, June 2, 2008

Saw Some Bands Last Night...

I went to The Smell last night to see the Lucky Dragons who played with a bunch of other artists (see yesterday's post). The Lucky Dragons' performance seemed interesting but was even a little too kooky for me. We didn't all get to touch each other and make sweet music like I read about. Instead we got rocks and the the duo crawled around on the concrete floor with their pastel Member's Only jackets pulled over their heads. Remember that part in Dancing With Wolves when Kevin Costner imitates a buffalo and the Indian guy says, "Ta-ton-ka, buffalo." Yeah... it was kind of like that.

Teengirl Fantasy!

Teengirl Fantasy is a band I had never heard until last night and I was very pleased to catch their act. The band is Logan and Nick, two young guys from Ohio. Their music is like an electronic, rainbow, pony ride; mechanical but sweet and magical. I really enjoyed their performance except the off-beat girl spazzing out in front of me kind of threw me off. I really like these two tracks.

MP3 Teengirl Fantasy - Hoop Dreams

MP3 Teengirl Fantasy - Portofino

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