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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Todd Rundgren vs. Neon Indian vs. The Pineapples

My friend Ryan in Echo Park told me Neon Indian sampled Todd Rundgren's, "Izzat Love?" in their song, Deadbeat Summer. Then I heard Neon Indian sampling The Pineapples' Come On Closer in their song, Psychic Chasms. So Neon Indian likes to sample but they have good taste. Download their whole album below. It's fun.

Todd Rundgren


Izzat Love?

-and one of my favorites... unrelated.

- I Saw the Light

Neon Indian


Deadbeat Summer

The full album: Psychic Chasms
-pretty cool, I like it!

ALSO- I just heard The Pineapples in their track, Psychic Chasms.

Psychic Chasms

The Pineapples


Come On Closer

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